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A Note on Jasmine

March 5, 2010

One of my greatest pleasures has been traveling the world sourcing plant species. Every one has its stories: how it’s been used for medicine, healing, rituals, and ceremonies. There’s no doubt that jasmine is one of my favorite flowers and I am in love with it. For 20 years, it’s been my signature aroma and primary cosmetic. It’s my daily deodorant and I massage it into my face and body after bathing.

Wherever I go, I’m asked, “What are you wearing?” The most astounding part: Men ask and so do women. Anything but “unisex,” this aroma has a universal power. Who am I to keep it a secret? It’s a real delight to introduce a product I truly love.

Jasmine is a very rare species. You can trace it to ancient Egypt when Cleopatra called on its powers to seduce Mark Anthony. Biochemically, it’s complex: composed of more than 300 chemical components all made by the plant itself. Its natural antioxidant, anti-inflammatory and stress-reducing qualities make it a wonder non-drug for today. Of course, there are many forms of jasmine, all imprinted by their unique location, soil, climate and art of extraction.

Unfortunately, few people have even smelled jasmine—real or fake. It has never been marketed in its pure form, and its complexity has outsmarted chemists, who still can’t duplicate the aroma synthetically.

I wouldn’t dream of trying. Over the years, I’ve blended jasmine with other essential oils and plant materials for natural perfume compositions. Years later, I still wear it in its pure, honest state, and I’m now convinced that’s how it’s meant to be. Every attempt to mix it took away the beautiful body and spirit of this flower. Her natural beauty was lost.

Working only with jasmine’s pure, exquisite aroma, I am pleased to serve this flower in the limited editions Jasmine Spirit Essence and Jasmine Total Body Elixir.

The aroma used in Jasmine Spirit Essence and Jasmine Total Body Elixir is made from a particular jasmine species grown in small amounts in tiny villages in India. The extraction is so unique and beautiful. As a perfumer and plant expert, I am in awe of it. Amongst every aroma I’ve made, this is my ultimate favorite.

Jasmine has a strange magic to attract and purify. It still works today, and it’s my pleasure to share it with you.

Yours in service to restore a peaceful planet.