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Harmonic Hair Care

Harmonic Hair Care

Harmonic Hair Care

Gluten Free. Non-Toxic Chemistry. For all hair types.

Harmonic Truths

I believe in consumer democracy: the right for all to know and vote accordingly with their money. What I’m about to tell you is going to make me very unpopular at industry events, but it’s time transparency went beyond the bottle.

Go to the salon, the drugstore, the discount mart, the boutique, even the co-op. You’ll find shampoos and conditioners—hundreds of them.

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    IN is committed to organic farming and utilizing safe, food-grade materials grown without
    insecticides and pesticides.

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    Pesticides, herbicides and insecticides are killing agents in the chemical kingdom. Not only
    do they kill insects, weeds and pests, they penetrate the human body and affect
    us on a cellular level. It’s not a nefarious plot to make people sick, just to make more money.

  3. 3

    The cost of non-toxic, certified organic material is much higher than conventionally grown or
    petrochemically derived ingredients. I found myself at a crossroads when I set out to make
    non-toxic, safe and affordable consumer products and support the organic industry.

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    Everyone has the right to safe products that perform great at an affordable cost. As a
    product designer and manufacturer, I’ve made it the mission of Intelligent Nutrients®.

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    The term “organic” has been diluted to meaninglessness by marketing. Its use is almost as
    unregulated as the cosmetics industry itself. Harmonically Made & Harmonically Grown is
    a term we use when materials are not available through the organic certified system, but we
    have verified their growing conditions and safety. We trace all materials and create fair trade.

Everything you put on your body should be nutritious and safe. Therefore, everything in our products is too. That is our mission. We won’t compromise, so you don’t have to.