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What’s In

What’s In

Intelligent Nutrients

What’s IN

Scientific Research and Collaboration

IN works with noted physicians and scientists at leading universities and institutions as well as food and cosmetic chemists to create non-toxic, active formulations that deliver superior performance, without use of petrochemically derived ingredients.

Non-toxic, organic chemistry

We merge food-grade ingredients and certified organic with cosmetic chemistry – substances the body recognize and readily assimilated as nutrients in the body.

Organic Farming

We grow certified organic ingredients on founder Horst Rechelbacher’s farm in Osceola, Wisconsin for research and use in our products. It’s completely off the grid and self-sustainable with wind and solar power.

100% Renewable Energy

All Intelligent Nutrients products are manufactured with 100% renewable energy as demonstrated by the Green E seal on all of our products. The IN headquarters in Minneapolis, MN is also 100% powered by renewable energy.

Cruelty Free

None of our products nor raw materials are tested on animals. In fact, we certify it. Look for the leaping bunny seal on all IN products.

Knowledge is a renewable resource.

Consumer watchdog and research organization Environmental Working Group has an investigation of industrial chemicals, pollutants and pesticides in umbilical cord blood. We consider them the worst chemicals ever invented and impossible to ever get rid of—in the body and beyond. Body Burden Pollution in Newborns.

Health Care

We collaborate with the Henry Ford Hospital (link to blog article) and the Mayo Clinic and their leading Center for Integrated Health, looking at a new model of total healing and true care.


Founder Horst Rechelbacher, donates all after-tax profits from the sale of IN products to environmental and social causes. Yes, you read that correctly!

Always learning more

Why? What if? Why not? As consumers and a company, we must seek new sources of information and inspiration. It’s our goal to educate and learn from our consumers about ingredients, product safety and the world we live in.

Science has advanced to the point where we don’t need dangerous or questionable substances to make products that work wonderfully. So why use them? We won’t. Learn more about these and other questionable ingredients at the Skin Deep Database.

For more information, please visit the Environmental Working Group.