Intelligent Nutrients Certified Organic Health and Beauty (Home)

Matte Texture Paste 88ml


Real life hair – your new best styling friend for both night and day hair


Pompadour in the morning, defined and separated after work, sleek by night – our modern styler lets you rework your hair on a whim.


Active ingredients:

Made with 66% certified organic ingredients at maximum concentration

Coconut oils helps to soften the hair and promote scalp health

Larch tree resin provides flake-free hold without irritation

Aloe juice enhances strength while combating frizz without a greasy residue



For optimum workability, warm paste by rubbing it between your palms. Run through your hair. Spin for a messy look, smooth for a constructed look.



A little goes a long way. Start small and build up to the desired product amount and hold depending upon style

Apply to dry hair for artfully disheveled, relaxed or messy styles

Apply to wet hair for slightly higher hold

Avoid direct hot heat